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Dental Bone Grafting

Women smiling after receiving dental bone graph.Missing teeth affect your entire mouth. A long term problem is the atrophy of the bone in the jaw. The body will actually begin to reabsorb the bone in the spot of the missing tooth or teeth because the bone is no longer being stimulated from the motion and pressure of the tooth, often leading you to looking older than you are.

At Driver Dentistry, we can help stop the problem. A new dental implant will begin to re-stimulate your jawbone, immediately slowing and/or stopping the degradation.

When a patient has experienced too much bone loss, then we recommend bone grafting. Bone has an extraordinary ability to regenerate. Bone grafting is the process of growing bone where the bone is needed. By harvesting bone from your body (generally the chin), we are able to place the harvested bone in the affected area. Once placed, the bone is expected to regenerate within a few months, and the newly grown bone will allow us to place implants, helping restore function to your bite.

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Curious about Bone Grafts? Visit our website to learn how Bone Grafts from Driver Dentistry can help improve your smile and oral health. Servicing Roseburg OR and surrounding areas.
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